Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here Today, Bobby Flay

Celebrity chef, Bobby Flay, was in our backyard today profiling Stamford's newest addition to the culinary scene - on wheels!  It's the MELT Mobile (Veterans Park/Landmark Square - across from Old Town Hall), and it's all about grilled cheese. Stamford Plus has some nice coverage about the new rolling resto. You can also read about it on the Lunchbreak Chronicles and Omnom CT. What I can give you are a few shots from the event today. Above is the MELT truck on the scene and below is Bobby Flay guiding it into a parking spot to get his show on the (virtual) road. 


OmNomCT said...

Melt Mobile will definitely do well. The grilled cheese and tomato soup is just awesome. Did you get to try anything? Wondering what your thoughts are! Also, thanks for the link to our site. We just posted another article about Bobby's surprise visit last night.

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

Thanks OmNomCT - great blog! Keep up the good work! (sadly I had to jet before the samples made the rounds)