Monday, April 4, 2011


The flowers are coming up and the city is taking off its winter coat. So how are you watching the season warm up? Here are some ideas:

- Walk/run/bike around Cove Island. It's a nice way to stretch those fat winter legs and remind them what a little sunshine feels like. We went two weekends ago, and it was still cold, but lover-ly. You don't need a parking permit until May 30th, so now's the time!

- The Stamford Nature Center is bursting with spring goodness (the link takes you to all their upcoming awesomeness). They have a Spring Cleaning for Self yoga event underway now, running to June 6th on Monday nights. It's only $15/class. You can also check out Family Take A Hike Week (April 19-21), Heckscher Farm Egg Hunt (April 23) and even Snakes of the World (April 29). What says "happy spring" more than snakes??

- If they haven't filled up, you can still sign up for Stamford Spring Kickball - they've been up and running since 2008 and they're 140 kickers strong.

- Enjoy some top notch outdoor eating at Capriccio Cafe. They have great salads, good service and cocktails to toast the season!

- Look ahead to the Bruce Museum's 26th Annual Outdoor Crafts Festival scheduled for May 21-22nd. We've been a few times, and it's a great event. It's fun to see what people can make and sell, and the food is fabulously bad for you festival fare - yum!

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