Sunday, March 20, 2011

Monday is Better with Beer

Coalhouse Pizza (85 High Ridge Rd) feels your Monday-related pain, and they have engineered a plan to make it better. They are featuring beer pairings from Oskar Blues Brewery (whose website is intrinsically awesome because it has a pig playing a guitar) along with a menu featuring:

- Sweet Potato & Beet Chips with homemade Tzatziki Sauce
- Spring Fennel Salad (paired with Mama's Little YELLA Pils - clever!)
- Split Pea Soup (nice and springy!) (paired with G'KNIGHT Imperial Red Double IPA)
- Goat Cheese & Asparagus Pizza (that made me want to lick the screen) (paired with Dale's Pale Ale)
- Lamb Tenderloin with Miso-Chili sauce and mustard greens (paired with OLD CHUB Scottish Ale - that sounds vaguely scandalous, no?)
- Stout Ice Cream & Cookie - how cool is that! They make beer ice cream? And they paired beer with ice cream! My mind just got all boggled...

There will also be live music to make you think that Tuesday is even sooner. They were kind enough to invite me and my husband gratis, but the going rate is still pretty darned good for all the amazing things you get: $60/person. We'll be there - to join us, call 203-977-7700. Hope to see you over the edge of my glass!

(photo from k.ivoutin,

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Charles B. said...

the menu looks great. And here I am eating pizza and Spanish wine. I need a craft beer.