Monday, October 11, 2010

I Dream of Gene

You may well have read about it already on the Stamford on the Cheap blog, but to be sure you got the messgage, Gene Wilder is A'ing your Qs this Tuesday night, October 12th.

He will be coming out to the Avon to visit you and your neighbors for the 40th Anniversary Screening of "Start the Revolution Without Me." His lovely bride, Karen Wilder, will moderate. The evening start at 6:30pm with a reception and the film starts rolling at 7:30pm. Tickets are:

- Free for Carte Blanche members
- $20 for Members and Educators
- $35 for Nonmembers

The Avon's website describes the film as follows (with attribution to Marshall Fine):

Gene Wilder and Donald Sutherland play two sets of identical twins who are mismatched at birth shortly before the French Revolution. One pair is reared as royalty; the other is raised as the children of peasants. The plot in this film by Bud Yorkin is a wonderful mishmash of Dumas, Victor Hugo, and Moli̬re, with the peasant brothers joining the revolutionaries while their bizarrely foppish siblings eat cake and ignore the events around them. Wilder and Sutherland are joined by a who's who of British comedy stars, including Billie Whitelaw, Hugh Griffith, Victor Spinetti, and a cameo by Orson Welles Рthis film became a cult item among college students of the period.

For tickets, call the administrative office during daytime business hours at 203-661-0321 or call the Box Office during movie times at 203-967-3660 x2.

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